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PROTOCOL 14            (Art Direction, Editorial design)             Protocol is an interdisciplinary and independent magazine about current discourses on architecture. Initiated by architecture students at the Berlin University of the Arts, it is published annually with changing focuses and is created in cooperation with students of the graphic design class. The fourteenth edition consists of a catalog of articles that deal in a variety of ways with the topic of non-conformity in architectural practice.            (Collaboration with: Josephine M. Aymar, Annika Kiefer, Stefanie Messner)            (2024)            (

Protocol 14 in a bag
Cover of Protocol 14

AUTOPOESIE            (Editorial design, animation)             The form is flexible, what is reduced is complexity, only dynamics stabilizes what autopoiesis moves. The incessant dynamization of our society as well as the relentless increase in the efficiency of design processes allows us to understand the sense of stability as a meandering state. The dynamics of modernity thereby encompass the paradoxical necessity of being dependent on systematic increase in order to maintain the status quo. This complementarity of the need for change and the tendency towards rigidity is expressed in a moving graphic system whose inherent dynamism manifests itself in a sequential series of individual images.            (2023)

Publication, cover and backcover
Reproduction, pages

BERLIN SUMMER UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS            (Visual Identity)             The Berlin Summer University of the Arts is home to a multitude of workshops and courses incorporating all disciplines of the Berlin University of the Arts. The summer clock was chosen as the visual identity of the year 2023.            (2022)            (             Award: (100 Best Posters D/A/CH)

Poster, A0
Flyer, DINlang
Tote bag

KLAUS WANKER            (Art catalogue)             A myriad of small wooden pieces protrudes from a tarry surface, reminiscent of an oil film, yet recalling at the same time distant cratered landscapes, whose colour appears by turns a glossy black and matt grey according to the perspective […].            (2022)            (

Art catalogue, cover and backcover
Art catalogue, pages
pages of art catalogue in trash

RUNDGANG            (Visual identity)             “Our heads are round so our thoughts can change direction.” A saying by Francis Picabia was the conceptual input after which the key visual of the »Rundgang« 2022 was constructed. At the end of the academic year, Germany's largest art university opens the workshops, studios and rehearsal rooms of its four colleges, during the open days.            (2022)

Poster, A1
Poster, A1

THE HAPPY READER            (Editorial design)             What makes us happy? What unhappy? A question that provokes diametrically opposed answers, depending on who it is addressed to. 22 columns—written by Carolin Emcke, publicist and author, winner of the »Friedenspreis« of the Deutscher Buchhandel«—form the textual underpinnings of a reader devoted to this question and illustrating the answers on behalf of princes, individual cases, egomaniacs and profiteers.            (2022)

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Publication, Cover and Backcover
Reproduction of pages

GRAFIKKLASSE            (Exhibition flyer)             Visual identity of the exhibiton for the graphic design class, part of the small rundgang taking place in winter 2023 at the University of the Arts Berlin.            (2023)

Flyer on stool

BANALE            (Visual identity)             In 1993, when an exhibition was first organized by architects for architects from the drawing rooms of the University of Technology Graz, the banale was continued in the following years with an opening in terms of content as an interdisciplinary series of exhibitions. So this year's banal in the summer of 2021 is to be organized as an open-minded, interdisciplinary retrospective with an overarching banal topic, in keeping with the lively and critical culture of discussion that prevails in the drawing rooms. To begin with, an action in public space—the construction sins procession.            (2021)            (

Publication, over and backcover
Tote bag
Reproduction of pages

PROTOCOL            (3D Poster)             Protocol is an interdisciplinary and independent magazine about current discourses around architecture. Initiated by architecture students at the Berlin University of the Arts, it is published annually after gathering content through an open call.            (Collaboration with: Josephine M. Aymar, Annika Kiefer, Stefanie Messner)             (2023)            (

HAPPY NEW YEAR            (Postcard)             The uncertainty about which year we actually seem to be stuck in is the expression of this postcard, which was sent out by the Berlin University of the Arts as New Year's greetings for the turn of the year to 2022.             (2021)

Card on chairs at the concert hall

RAUCH & SEIFENBLASE            (Publication)             Contrary to the view of zero as a state of stagnation, in this work it is understood as the center of a dialectical process that continually oscillates back and forth between two opposites. Zero is not a symbol of stagnation, but that of a dynamic alternation between positive and negative, plus and minus, thesis and antithesis. In an experimental design process, six designers react to each other in a cycle. In the process, a work is continuously interpreted and a counterpole to it is formed. The reaction can be of visual as well as content-related nature—only format and color were determined. The result: 48 images, fanned out in a reaction chain.            (Collaboration with: Josephine Aymar, Anna Beilmann, Lisa Leitgeb, Willie Neumann, Iuliia Volokhina)            (2022)


94513 characters            (Art direction, editorial design)             The new, the unknown and the different—associations that are caused by these terms are often perceived by many as a burden. Relief is often sought in conventions that are even vigorously defended if they should not be taken into consideration or questioned anymore. And yet it is actually the opposite attitude that is worth striving for: thinking against the norm. The aim of this paper is not to show a graphical discussion of changes and adaptions, but rather a substantive one. Questions of design are only secondary in that process. Once most of the content-related barriers have been removed, the graphic design options can be explored at the next level. 94513 characters—a norm criticizes a norm.            (2020)             Award: (Red Dot)

Publication 1
Publication 2

ENDYM            (Album Artwork)             The online music gallery 25/41 provides a platform for DJs and visual artists to collaborate and blend the worlds of music and visual art. As a result of this synergy, the cover art for this project was crafted in tandem with the production of Endym's techno mix.            (2022)            (

Vinyl Cover

EINWERK            (Poster, Website)             A lecture series where students invite architects to their working space, to present one single project. Based on the project, concept, details and processes can be shared and discussed afterwards. Locally anchored at the TU Graz as well as the University of Innsbruck, the series aims to connect students from the two cities with architectural practice and facilitate an exchange of views on current architectural events.            (2024)            (


Paul Pacher is a graphic designer (from Graz, Austria) based in Berlin. He graduated with a master’s degree from the graphic design class of the University of the Arts Berlin. Specialized in the fields of editorial, web and identity design his graphical work is usually characterized by a systematic approach, whilst its inherent dynamic is often expressed through motion.


Graphic Design, Art Direction, Books, Magazines, Publications, Posters, Visual Identities, Websites, Packages, Film Titles, Motion Design etc.

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International Poster Exhibition, Olympia Gallery


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100 beste Plakate, Kulturforum Berlin


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BKMC Global Citizenship Poster Design Competition, Virtual


The designer next to you, Designforum Steiermark, Graz


Winners Red Dot Award, Red Dot Design Museum Essen


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Art Directors Club, Creative Club Berlin



It’s a book Award: Autopoesie


International Poster Competition: BSUA


International Poster Competition: Protocol


100 beste Plakate: BSUA


Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design: 94513 characters



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